Message from the Founder


Bonhomie, homies,

1999 and a dinner in my brother's orchard has become 2016 and a brand new season.

The road has taken us far, but the road also brings us back. Outstanding in the Field is adventure and camaraderie and whimsy and generosity. It's also sore muscles, tried patience and lengthy late night drives. Whatever the day brings us, the feeling always come back, we are profoundly blessed to make this journey. We are truly humbled by your belief in us and tickled to have you make your way across the field to take a seat at the table!

A note for our participating farmers, producers, and chefs (and guests too):
Every year is a new schedule, and that means new friends and new places. If we are not visiting your city, state, or country this year, it's not because we don't want to. There are just so many stops we can fit into the tour calendar. We're sure to return in the future or will make every effort to come back. Heck, someday we'll probably even make it back to our friends in Alaska and Denmark.

So, let the merriment begin!! 

Bringing ‪#‎TabletoField‬

Jim Denevan