Kualoa Ranch
Saturday, January 6th @ 1pm


Host FarmersJohn, David & Carrie Morgan, Kualoa Ranch, Kaneohe, HI (Honolulu)
Guest Chef Andrew Le, The Pig and the Lady | Piggy Smalls, Honolulu, HI | Ed Kenney, TownKaimuki Superette

Mahini & Sun's & Mud Hen Water, Honolulu, HI


We've set our table at quite a number of truly extraordinary places: Big Sur, The Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji, Alaska, Burgundy, Manhattan. Of all the stunningly scenic places we have been over the years, this may be the most spectacular.
Verdant valleys, secret beaches, ancient stone-walled fish ponds. The Morgan family will give us a look around and tell us how all this magnificence came to be. Adding to all this loveliness is our Oahu 'ohana. Chefs Andrew Le and Ed Kenney will collaborate on a meal of a lifetime set in the historic Ka'a'awa Valley.