Seedling Farm *
Sunday, August 11 @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Peter Klein, Seedling Farm, South Haven, MI

Guest Chef: Thomas Lents, The Apparatus Room, Detroit, MI


On our second night at Seedling Farm, we welcome Thomas Lents to our always lively, convivial table at this perennial OITF favorite farm, where we’ve staged a dozen dinners throughout the years. Chef Thomas worked at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants before returning to his home state, where he combines fine dining experience with a passion for hyper-local Michigan-grown ingredients. His food is both classic and imaginative, and his menu is sure to include some of Farmer Pete’s unique breeds of orchard fruits, melons and cucumbers, all picked at peak ripeness.

* A limited number of glamping tents are available at this event. To book your tent and stay overnight at the farm, please
provide your information here.