Waseda Farms
Monday, August 6 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Tom & Matt Lutsey, Waseda Farms, Baileys Harbor, WI (Door County)

Guest Chef: Lucas Lindow, Chives, Baileys Harbor, WI


Chives is Aaron Rodgers’ favorite restaurant in these parts. For locals, that is plenty of recommendation. (Aaron is QB for the Green Bay Packers, for those unaware of his cultural importance.) Waseda Farms manages more than 1100 acres with over 20 different kinds of grasses for humanely raised, 100% grass-fed animals - Black Angus beef; Berkshire heritage pork; Cornish Rock chickens for meat; and Leghorn, Bovan Brown and Araucana chickens for multi-colored eggs. The family also runs the only organic market in Northeast Wisconsin. Take your seat in this beautiful field of dreams. And we won’t mind if you bring a football to toss around between courses.

* Photo Credit: Emily Hagen