Culton Organics
Tuesday, September 25 @ 3pm


Host Farmer: Tom Culton, Culton Organics, Silver Spring, PA (Philadelphia)

Guest Chefs: Kevin D'Egidio & Michael Griffiths, helm, Philadelphia, PA


Farmer Tom grows over 70 types of vegetables on land that's been in his family since 1741. A farm dinner with Tom Culton is an exceedingly rare treat. There is no one else like him and probably one is enough. Tom loves to talk about vegetables, and when you hear him, you will be thankful that you traveled all the way across the country for this, as so many have done before you. Chefs Kevin and Michael of helm are friends of Tom’s. They put their restaurant together with a big vision, lots of hard work and a small budget, but all of their efforts worked to transform an entire neighborhood. They'll include Tom’s rare, heirloom vegetables for their farm dinner menu.

* Photo Credit: Ilana Freddye