Steadfast Farm
Wednesday, October 17 @ 2pm


Host Farmer: Erich Schultz, Steadfast Farm, Mesa, AZ (Phoenix)

Guest Chef: Jeff Kraus, Crepe Bar, Tempe, AZ


The farmer and chef relationship can feel like family, and Farmer Erich and Chef Jeff are so close they seem like brothers. Steadfast Farm recently moved their bio-intensive farming operation - organic-certified fruits, vegetables and flowers - down the road apiece from their original two-acre property, which is now dedicated to its brood of egg-laying hens. Erich's "agrihood" farms are a model of community-based farming. There's so much to learn here. Chef Jeff says his relationship with Farmer Erich has helped him become a better mentor, coach, cook and friend. Jeff is considered a “Local Hero” by the Phoenix culinary community, and the former Truckin’ Good Food chef has continued to advance his neighborhood brunch and coffee spot into an award-winning destination.