Wild Harmony Farm
Wednesday, September 4 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Ben Coerper & Rachael Slattery, Wild Harmony Farm, Exeter, RI (Providence)

Guest Chef: Benjamin Sukle, birch | Oberlin, Providence, RI


We’re excited to host our first event at Wild Harmony Farm, a beautiful polyculture and organic livestock farm. Farmers Ben and Rachael care deeply about their animals, raising them as close to the “wild” as possible, letting them roam on acres of land where the fences move every day. They practice rotational grazing, which means the animals are constantly provided with highly nutritious food, while the grass is likewise fertilized by the animals. We’ll welcome the cooler evening temperatures of September with a meal by Benjamin Sukle. Chef Ben was a James Beard nominee for Best Chef: Northeast in 2018 and is again in 2019.