McEvoy Ranch
Tuesday, June 18 @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Nion McEvoy, McEvoy Ranch, Petaluma, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Guest Chef: Jeff Cerciello, Farmshop, Larkspur, CA


You may pinch yourself a few times while you’re dining in the shade of the olive trees, watching a few fawns frolic in the brush. Or while you’re tasting single-variety olive oils at their source from an award-winning ranch. And definitely when you see the frantaio on the farm tour – an enormous rotating stone mill used to cold-press the olives. This is one of those places that doesn’t feel real until you’re there. Nion McEvoy will guide us through the ranch before we settle in at the long table for our meal from Jeff Cerciello, an innovative California chef with a fondness for the wood oven and a close network of neighboring farms and artisans.