Abalone Farm
Sunday, October 28 @ 2pm


Host Farmer: Brad Buckley, Abalone Farm, Cayucos, CA (San Luis Obispo)

Guest Chef: Jason Ryczek, Farallon, San Francisco, CA


Abalone is popular among chefs. They go crazy for these univalves, and they used to have to go to extraordinary lengths to find them. In the wild, an abalone takes nearly forever to grow to proper size, and has been historically overfished and poached. All that changed with the pioneering aquaculture of Abalone Farm in Cayucos. With the success of farmed abalone, the ocean population is no longer under severe harvest pressure. Our sea farmer and longtime OITF host Brad Buckley is very articulate and will answer all your abalone questions, no matter how unusual. In the kitchen is Jason Ryczek of Farallon. Famed for its seafood dishes and the life-aquatic decor of its Jellyfish Lounge, Chef Jason will be right at home in the real-life seaside setting.