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June 17 | Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | Everett Family Farm

Secret Sea Cove
Saturday, May 19 @ 3pm


Host Fisherman: Hans Haveman, H&H Fresh Fish, Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Guest Chefs: Teague Moriarty & Alex Jackson, Sons & Daughters, San Francisco, CA


Lauded chef and surfer Teague Moriarty of Michelin-starred Sons & Daughters was born and raised in the coastal town of Santa Cruz. At the sea cove, Chef Teague and S&D chef-de-cuisine Alex Jackson will work beside the hometown waves where their ingredients come from. It’s a big ocean, filled with many good things to eat. Fisherman Hans will share fish stories about the ones that got away and the ones on the plate. Much of the produce for the menu will come from Chef Teague’s own Dark Hill Farm in Santa Cruz. If it’s a warm day, we will arrange our table so diners closest to the water may get their toes wet at high tide. If so, there will be a roaring bonfire to keep us warm.