Secret Sea Cove 
Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 @ 3pm


Host Fisherman: Hans Haveman, H&H Fresh Fish, Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Guest Chef: Jason Franey, Restaurant 1833, Monterey


The secret sea cove dinner is playful, adventurous, toes-in-the-sand dining. The fun includes crossing the temporary bridge, strolling along the shore, the waves maybe or maybe not coming up to the table, spying the occasional dolphin, and the bonfire after the meal is done. Plenty of wonder alongside the sea, and it’s also the very best in food and wine. Chef Jason Franey is coming up from Restaurant 1833 in Monterey, bringing his long list of accomplishments and accolades across the bridge and onto the sand. Before our feast begins, host fisherman Hans will regale us with the lore of the sea.


The exact location of this dinner is a secret. Guests will receive directions two weeks prior to the event.