Thaxton's Organic Garlic
Sunday, August 21st, 2016 @ 4PM


Host Farmers: Fred & Chris Thaxton, Thaxton’s Organic Garlic, Hudson, OH (Cleveland)
Guest Chef: Jonathon Sawyer, Trentina, Cleveland, OH


Trentina is Jonathon Sawyer’s new project. He is doing amazing things. This film is a doozy. The whole frickin’ Jonathon Sawyer story is here. If you want a taste of the story, come out to Hudson and see what he’s up to. Jonathon first brought us out to the Thaxtons’ farm five years ago. He offered freshly made Garlic Bloody Mary Slushies. That really got our attention. Fred, Chris, garlic and the love at this farm; it’s a great story, and it’s kept us inspired and feeling passionate about our work all these years. We can’t wait to come back!