Bien Nacido Vineyards
Tuesday, October 29 @ 2pm


Host Vintner: Will Costello, Bien Nacido Vineyards, Santa Maria, CA (Santa Barbara)

Guest Chef: Budi Kazali, The Gathering Table at Ballard Inn, Ballard, CA


Vineyard dinners are particularly special during harvest season, when the grapes are plump or freshly picked, the vines’ foliage canopies are turning orange, and spirits are exceptionally high. High above the coastline with ocean views that stretch for miles, Bien Nacido is a very special vineyard, not generally accessible except by invitation. Meaning “well born” in Spanish, the winery name is a nod to the exceptional passion of the brothers who planted wine grapes here in 1973. Today, this spectacular estate is considered one of the grand-cru vineyards of California and among the legendary vineyards of the world. Host Will Costello is a master sommelier who joined Bien Nacido in 2017 with an impressive international resume. He’ll drop his knowledge tableside as we sip on past vintages and enjoy a meal by Guest chef Budi Kazali. Budi grew up in Java, Indonesia and is known for his artistic mingling of French and Indonesian flavors.