Puu O Kumau Ranch​
Saturday, January 14th @ 2pm


Host Farmers
Jileen Russell, Puu O Kumau Ranch, Hawi (Big Island), HI
Guest Chef Bonita Lao, Laulima, Kailua­‐Kona, HI


On the edge. On the north end of the Big Island at Puu O Kumau Ranch, we’ll perch our long white table in the green curve of a grass-filled volcanic caldera. Seen below the table: the rolling slopes of the Big Island's Kohala Mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean. We visited rancher Jileen Russell and scouted this amazing site last year. Setting the table here is like being in a dream. Chef Bonita Lao joined us last year on the beach at Big Island Abalone Farm. Bonita and her crew are a pleasure to work with and fill our platters with onoliciousness. We’re pleased they’ll be with us for this new adventure.