The Hickories
Thursday, September 13 @ 3pm


Host Farmer: Dina Brewster, The Hickories, Ridgefield, CT

Guest Chef: Jeff Taibe, taproot, Bethel, CT


Farming is elemental. Warm sun, healthy soil, enough rain and seeds. Farmer and nature working in harmony. The Hickories is a farm that is run by a poet on a tractor. Dina taught poetry in the big city before she decided her greatest creative desire was to be a farmer. It’s a poetry that demands a state of constant devotion and perhaps it’s better to just call it hard work. Dina will put her eloquent powers of description to practice during the farm tour. Joining us in the field will be Chef Jeff Taibe of taproot, a friend of the farm and regular customer at The Hickories.

* Photo Credit: Ilana Freddye