Temecula Olive Oil Company
Sunday June 12th, 2016 @ 4pm


Host Farmers
Thom Curry & Catherine Pepe, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Aguanga, CA (Temecula)
Guest Chef: Brian Redzikowski, Kettner Exchange, San Diego, CA


If it’s warm -- and it will almost certainly be warm in So Cal in June -- we’ll be keeping it cool in the shade. Our table will be set in the gloriously green olive trees. Chef Brian Redzikowski has made a name for himself at several venues of brick and mortar, and now he will do it in the great outdoors. The intention of OITF has always been to hear the farmer’s story firsthand as we celebrate (and feast upon) the season’s harvest. When it comes to fun and interesting farm tours, Thom and Catherine are the best.






Photo Credit: Jim Sullivan