Wattles Farm
Wednesday June 8th @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Toby Leaman, Wattles Farm, Los Angeles, CA

Guest Chef: Steve Samson, Sotto, Los Angeles, CA


A lot of warmth here. Farmer/Gardener Toby is a balm for the soul. A garden like this is catnip for the city dweller. (There is undoubtedly some catnip growing somewhere in this sprawling urban garden, considering there are almost 300 small to tiny farm plots on the property.) We’ve been coming back every year since 2007, when OITF founder Jim Denevan first climbed the fence to get a good look around and discovered this hidden oasis in the heart of Hollywood. Chef Steve of Sotto is also the living personification of Soul Balm. He's one of the most talented and well-liked chefs on the OITF tour.