Wattles Farm
Sunday, October 21 @ 2pm


Host Farmer: Toby Leaman, Wattles Farm, Los Angeles, CA

Guest Chef: Jason Neroni, Rose Cafe, Venice, CA


Wattles Farm is an island of beauty, and our outstanding friend and Wattles' head gardener Toby Leaman is the captain of the island. Toby gardens, bringing seeds to life with soil and water. We feel she brings us to life, too. After a long journey across the country and back again, landing at Wattles is as comforting as it gets. It’s hard to believe this oasis exists right in the center of West Hollywood. In fact, we’ve had many guests attend an event at Wattles and tell us they grew up around the corner and never even knew it was there. OITF veteran chef Jason Neroni of Venice's Rose Cafe will be right at home in our garden kitchen. Jason will incorporate ingredients from Wattles into his menu, which will also feature incredible Southern California produce from farms in the area. Come experience this secret garden paradise.

* Photo Credit: Neringa Greiciute