Secret Sea Cove
Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 3PM


Host Fisherman: Hans Haveman,  H&H Fresh Fish, Santa Cruz, CA 
Guest Chef: Jonnatan Leiva, Comedor, San Francisco, CA


It takes hella effort to make it look this effortless. A cargo helicopter would really help with the schlepping. The day begins with the construction of a temporary bridge to access the beach; everything will be carried to the table across the seasonal stream - including the table. For the OITF staff, this dining adventure includes much more than the usual workout.


Our guest fisherman Hans Haveman runs H&H Fresh Fish out of Santa Cruz harbor. Hans has been involved in the fishing industry nearly his entire life. His work experience is centered on commercial fishing; however, through his love for our ocean and lifelong passion for diving, spear fishing and sport fishing, he has attained a vast knowledge of the sea and its inhabitants. Hans' work on commercial fishing boats has taken him to Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. It’s a big ocean out there but the place Hans really knows best is right here. Chef Jonnatan has an insatiable appetite for any kind of chef adventure. Beach-side cooking is his happy place. Besides occasional OITF appearances and consulting on new restaurant projects, Jonnatan is working on his own pop-up, called Comedor, coming soon.

Photo credit: Neringa Greiciute