Sage Farm Goat Dairy
Thursday, August 22 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Molly & Katie Pindell, Sage Farm Goat Dairy, Stowe, VT (Burlington)

Guest Chef: Eric Warnstedt, Hen of the Wood, Burlington & Waterbury, VT | Doc Ponds, Stowe, VT | Prohibition Pig, Waterbury, VT


This is Chef Eric Warnstedt’s ninth year with us, and for good reason: Hen of the Wood is among the best restaurants in the Northeast, if not the country. Eric first cooked in the OITF field kitchen in 2010, and he’s come out to the farm with us nearly every year since. Chef Eric’s tight network of local farmers and producers means we’ll share a meal made with a bounty of the best summer produce Vermont has to offer – which almost always includes some locally foraged mushrooms. Plus plenty of the small-batch artisanal cheeses made by the Pindell sisters, whose pastureland nourishes their intentionally small herd of about 20 Alpine goats. We’ll poise our table in the open fields in just the right spot for one of Vermont’s famous full-sky sunsets.