Jacobs Farm
Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ 1PM


Host Farmers: Greg & Amy Rawlings, Jacobs Farm, Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Guest Chefs: The Outstanding in the Field Crew


Greg is one of California's most venerated organic farmers. When a person has so much passion and so much experience, you can’t help but want to listen closely. There are many variables to successful farming. Greg will show and tell us about what he does in Pescadero and what he does in Mexico, too. At this point, after nearly five months of putting up and taking down kitchens across North America, the OITF crew is mega on-point. So the OITF team is taking over this kitchen. The table will be set on the hillside overlooking the lake and rolling hills, if weather allows. If not, the historic barn is a cozy choice.