Temecula Olive Oil Company
Friday, October 25 @ 2pm


Host Farmers: Catherine Pepe & Thom Curry, Temecula Olive Oil Company, Aguanga, CA (San Diego/Los Angeles)

Guest Chef: Brian Redzikowski, Kettner Exchange, San Diego, CA


A table set in an olive grove and a meal made with oil pressed from the olives hanging from the branches over your seat. We return to Temecula Olive Oil Company at the peak of harvest season – when the wide variety of olives are just ready to pick. On our farm tour, we’ll learn how host farmers Catherine and Thom cold-press their olives with heavy stones to produce some of the spiciest, most flavorful olive oil we’ve ever tasted. Chef Brian Redzikowski will join us for the seventh time in the field kitchen for a meal that celebrates world flavors and the peak Autumn produce of the Temecula Valley. Passionate farmers, an exceptionally talented chef, a spectacular night in the grove.