Bloomsbury Farm
Sunday, October 8, 2017 @ 2PM


Host Farmer: Lauren Palmer, Bloomsbury Farm, Smyrna, TN (Nashville Area)
Guest Chef: Jason Zygmont, The Treehouse, Nashville, TN

A clutch of kale makes a beautiful bouquet. Farmer Lauren Palmer’s father grew up on a dairy farm. Later in life, following his motto to “bloom where you’re planted,” he and Lauren’s mom purchased 400 acres of breathtaking land in Smyrna, Tennessee. They called it Bloomsbury Farm, but it wasn’t until Lauren came back home in 2009 and started growing organic vegetables that the land reached its full promise. Chef Jason Zygmont was named Chef of the Year by Eater-Nashville in 2016. Jason conceives his plates at The Treehouse to be passed around, just like OITF’s communal platters.