Stemple Creek Ranch
Saturday, May 28th, 2016 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Loren & Lisa Poncia, Stemple Creek Ranch, Tomales, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Guest Chef: Justin Everett, Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA


Springtime in Marin County is beautiful green rolling hills as far as the eye can see and gentle to strong breezes coming off the ocean. Depending on the weather, we might dine atop a hill or in a wind-protected grove of trees. When it comes to setting the table on a big ranch, there are a lot of choices. Stemple Creek Ranch raises cattle organically and humanely, and has garnered many awards for excellence. The details of which you will see and hear, and savor. Hot tip: Murray Circle, our guest chef’s restaurant, is part of Cavallo Point, a beautiful luxury resort a short distance from the towering Golden Gate Bridge with a spectacular view across the bay to San Francisco. You may want to consider staying at Cavallo Point if you are traveling to attend the event. That way you can experience Chef Justin's cooking inside and out.