Seedling Farm
Sunday, August 12 @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Peter Klein, Seedling Farm, South Haven, MI 

Guest Chef: Mike Kenat, Salt of the Earth, Fennville, MI


Mike and the team from Salt of the Earth came out last year and did something incredibly cool - they placed a 2’x 6’ slab of wood down the center of the entire table and filled it with nibbles. Nibbles is not a fancy culinary term, but these were quality nibbles of cured meats, a variety of cheeses, pickled vegetables, fresh fruits and colorful brassicas. A very delicious still life. Farmer Pete and family sat at the head of the table and watched the noshing with a look of contentment that is reserved just for the farmer. This is one of our favorite farms to visit, and we like to mix up the table placement every year.