Who Cooks For You Farm
Sunday, August 19 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Chris Brittenburg & Aeros Lillstrom-Brittenburg, Who Cooks For You Farm, New Bethlehem, PA (Pittsburgh)

Guest Chef: Justin Severino, Cure | Morcilla, Pittsburgh, PA


Our friend Justin Severino is an extraordinarily talented chef. After a lot of time spent in California (and many accomplishments to show for it), Justin returned to his home state of Pennsylvania to continue making a name for himself. California misses him, but since he’s probably not coming back anytime soon, we’re going to him. Last year, we arrived at Who Cooks For You Farm on a perfect September day, and Justin cooked a bountiful meal on a hill overlooking the green landscape. The farm’s mascot is a native owl; say “who" cooks for "you” several times while pretending you are a bird and you’ll get it.