Grand Central Market
Sunday, June 11, 2017 @ 4PM


Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, CA
Guest Chef: Mark Peel, Prawn, Los Angeles, CA


We have been given the keys to the castle! We are so pleased to bring our long table to the Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. What an incredible place. This historic culinary bazaar celebrates the cuisines and cultures of Los Angeles. Several market purveyors will participate in our feast, orchestrated by a storied L.A. chef, Mark Peel of Prawn. Mark has had quite a career in the kitchen, with successful restaurants like Campanile, awards and TV appearances. After all he has seen and done, he wants to be right here. Grand Central Market’s mission is to preserve the legacy of a historic downtown landmark, gather the city's many communities around a shared table, and nurture the next generation of local businesses. It is a showcase of California's best ingredients, chefs and entrepreneurs. Our long common table will make a path through the center of the market​.

Photo credit: Ilana Freddye