Westport Rivers Vineyard
Sunday, September 4th, 2016 @ 3PM



Host Farmer: Rob & Bill Russell, Westport Rivers Vineyard, Westport, MA
Guest Chef: Mary Dumont, Cultivar, Boston, MA


Chef Mary Dumont worked with Outstanding in the Field founder and former chef Jim Denevan at Gabriella Cafe in Santa Cruz way back in the '90s. Mary was waiting tables at the time, and she aspired to become a chef. She's done well for herself, and was featured on the cover of Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chefs issue a few years ago! After her success in kitchens around California, Mary moved back to New England where she was raised. Mary will soon open her own restaurant, Cultivar. We last visited Westport Rivers Vineyard in 2011. The vineyard is run by fourth generation family winegrowers, and is set against the stunning backdrop of the sea. We will set the table in the grapes.