Pomponio Ranch
Saturday, November 2 @ 1pm


Host Farmer: Chris Giannini, Pomponio Ranch, San Gregorio, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Guest Chef: Carlo Espinas, Outstanding in the Field 


These 2,800 acres of grassland are home to a herd of 300 free-roaming cattle and a menagerie of Cormo sheep, Belgian Warmblood horses and heritage pigs. The ranch sits inside a canyon set in the coastal hills of Pescadero, which are several shades of green. The folks at Pomponio are true entrepreneurs in sustainability. They regularly rotate their cows to nourish the soil and source water from a reservoir fed by runoff from the neighboring headlands. They also partner with a local brewing company to supplement their hay with spent grain. This all shows in the quality of their meat, which they supply to restaurants in San Mateo County and beyond. We scouted this location this past Winter. OITF field heads and newbies alike should know that for scenic beauty, this site is in the top three of any event we have ever hosted! You won’t want to miss it.