Zaklan Heritage Farm
Saturday, July 14 @ 4pm

$235 / $308 CAD*

Host Farmers: Doug Zaklan & Gemma McNeill, Zaklan Heritage Farm, Surrey, BC (Vancouver)

Guest Chef: Mark Perrier, Savio Volpe, Vancouver, BC


Zaklan Farm was started in the 1920s by Marta and Dragan Zaklan. What’s now an urban farm was unknown, isolated wilderness when the couple moved from the city to the country. Marta’s youngest son George, now in his 80s, still lives and works on the farm, which is home to eight organic acres of diverse vegetable and fruit production, pastured livestock and 95 laying hens. Gemma and Doug met and farmed at Vancouver’s UBC Farm (site of our first Outstanding table in Canada in 2005), and are now in their fifth year farming together at Zaklan. Chef Mark earned his stripes in some of Vancouver’s top restaurants, including David Hawksworth’s West Restaurant and CinCin, and also worked abroad at the two Michelin-starred Le Gavroche in London.

* Photo Credit: Neringa Greiciute


*This is the exchange rate as of our on-sale date - March 20, 2018