Events Nearby
August 12 | South Haven, MI | Seedling Farm
August 14 | Battle Creek, MI (Kalamazoo/Ann Arbor) | Green Gardens Community Farm

Seedling Farm
Saturday, August 11 @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Peter Klein, Seedling Farm, South Haven, MI 

Guest Chef: Thomas Lents, The Apparatus Room | Chef’s Table at Detroit Foundation Hotel, Detroit, MI


Farmer Pete is very accommodating. If we want to put the table inside a giant spiral shaped from tall grass, Pete says OK. Should we put the table at a spot that’s a bit of a walk, but will place us between perfect rows of ripe apples? Sure. If we accidently run over a few young pear trees while moving about the farm... luckily, Pete forgives us. (Farmer Pete, if you’re reading this, we love you!) There is a lot to love on this farm: goji berries, apples, pears, figs, strawberries, cucumbers and an enormous number of different types of melons. Chef Thomas Lents, a 2018 James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef: Great Lakes, will be busy making magic with his crew in the kitchen.