Events Nearby
May 12 | Occidental, CA | West Sonoma Winemakers
May 20 | Tomales, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | Stemple Creek Ranch
June 20 | Petaluma, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | McEvoy Ranch
June 22 | Napa, CA | Liana Estates
November 4 | Jenner, CA (Sonoma County) | Markegard Family Grass-Fed, Jenner
November 11 | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Traditional Year-End Foraging Feast

Jacobs Farm
Sunday, May 6 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Greg & Amy Rawlings, Jacobs Farm, San Jose, CA

Guest Chef: Ravi Kapur, Liholiho Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA


A farm field is not a chef’s natural habitat. It's adventurous and fun, and we know Chef Ravi loves it because he’s done it with us quite a few times. Cooking in the field is all about the here and now. Ravi revels in the moment, and our guests revel in the delicious results. We held our first event at Jacobs’ Farm Martial Cottle Park location in 2016. Farmer Greg Rawlings, who also grows in Pescadero and Mexico, looks after these San Jose fields where the agricultural heritage of Santa Clara Valley still survives. Martial Cottle Park is 180 acres of agricultural land preserved in perpetuity as organic farmland. The property has a fascinating history; we’ll learn as we dine between the cherry trees.

* Photo Credit: Andrew Theodorakis