Yonder Way Farm
Thursday, February 9th @ 2pm



Host Farmer: Jason and Lynsey Kramer, Yonder Way Farm, Fayetteville, TX (Houston/Austin Area)
Guest Chef: Kevin Fink, Emmer and Rye, Austin, TX


A few of our fans tipped us off to Yonder Way Farm in Fayetteville, Texas. The farm is run by Farmer Jason, his wife Lynsey along with several farmers daughters. We can see from Instagram what a great place it is and can't wait to visit. Chef Kevin Fink and his team at Emmer & Rye do farm-to-table right. They mill their own grains. They bring in and break down whole animals. They do their own in-house fermentation. And the results are all delicious. Kevin also was recognized as a Best New Chef in Food & Wine Magazine in 2016.