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October 21 | Los Angeles, CA | Wattles Farm
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Autonomy Farms
Sunday, May 27 @ 4pm


Host Farmer: Meredith Bell, Autonomy Farms, Bakersfield, CA (Los Angeles)
Guest Chefs: Bricia Lopez, Guelaguetza, Los Angeles, CA | Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, El Jardín, San Diego, CA | Allison Osorio, Otium, Los Angeles, CA


***We are proud to partner with our friends at LA FOOD BOWL for this event!  


This is the most productive farming region in the world. It also has a beautiful view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Just the other side of the Grapevine, an hour and 27 minutes from downtown L.A.​, ​farmer Meredith is making a go of it. Meredith abandoned a safe corporate job to follow a potentially less secure path - starting her own farm. Now instead of spreadsheets she has chickens and livestock and vegetables and a farm dog.​ ​Our guest chefs are steeped in the storied culinary traditions of Mexico​. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez started Guelaguetza in 1994. Today, daughter Bricia and her siblings are at the helm of this Koreatown favorite, which Jonathan Gold calls the best Oaxacan restaurant in the country. Chef Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, a recent Top Chef competitor, takes time out from her new restaurant in San Diego to contribute her bold take on the rich diversity of Mexico's regional cuisine. For dessert, pastry chef extraordinaire Allison Osorio comes out to the country from her kitchen off L.A.'s Grand Avenue.