Pat's Pastured
Sunday, September 2 @ 3pm


Host Farmer: Pat McNiff, Pat's Pastured, East Greenwich, RI (Providence)

Guest Chef: Benjamin Sukle, birch | Oberlin, Providence, RI


The success of talented chefs depends on quality ingredients, and farmer Pat is doing it right. Here at the farm, the pasture is rotated: the animals eat the grass and are moved to another field; several months later, when the grass is tall and green once again, the animals return. One of these fields is reserved for our long table. When the feast is done and the herd of guests have departed, the grass will quickly bounce back and the farm animals will saunter in to feast. Pat’s Pastured is home to a menagerie of chickens, ducks, pigs and cows. Chef Ben is a 2018 finalist for the prestigious James Beard award title of Best Chef: Northeast.

* Photo Credit: Emily Hagen