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August 19 | New Bethlehem, PA (Pittsburgh) | Who Cooks for you Farm

Thaxton's Organic Garlic
Saturday, August 18 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Fred & Chris Thaxton, Thaxton's Organic Garlic, Hudson, OH (Cleveland)

Guest Chef: Jonathon Sawyer, Trentina, Cleveland, OH


A home away from home for the OITF crew. The Thaxtons grow many different kinds of organic garlic, and they also grow connection. This is where we recharge. Our journey is long and difficult, and rewarding, especially when we’re rewarded with a visit to Chris and Fred’s place. And the feeling is mutual! This past Winter, the Thaxtons took their vacation in the Florida Keys, where they attended our dock table event on Stock Island and hung out with the OITF team all day and well into the night. Chef Jonathon Sawyer, committed chef and loyal friend of the Thaxtons, first reached out to us six years ago. We are pleased to continue the tradition with Jonathan because he’s got great stories and great skills.