Everett Family Farm
Saturday, June 22 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Rich & Laura Everett, Everett Family Farm, Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Guest Chef: Santos Majano, The Kitchen at Discretion Brewing, Soquel, CA


Everett Family Farm is a breath of fresh air in our hurried modern world, where tall trees surround a grassy flatland, a charming red barn, and a fine collection of farm animals, fruit trees and vegetable plots. It’s as charming as they come. And then there’s the soothing sound of the river flowing through. We’ll park the bus by the barn and set the table by the sunlit stream. Chef Santos Majano will return to the field kitchen for the seventh time to delight us with his creative, ingredient-driven cuisine. This is the first day of Summer and the second longest night of the year – let’s celebrate.