The Hickories
Wednesday, September 11 @ 3pm


Host Farmer: Dina Brewster, The Hickories, Ridgefield, CT

Guest Chef: Daniel Sabia, Wood Fire Food, Westchester, NY


The Hickories has been a part of our Summer tour since 2013, and we love it so much that in most of those years, we’ve done two back-to-back dinners here. We love the peach trees, the trout pond, the flocks of humanely raised farm animals that yield meat as well as wool. Farmer Dina was a poet in a past life, which is fitting for someone who performs poetry every day in the fields of her family farm. She’ll tell us all about her latest projects during the farm tour, before we settle into a feast from guest chef Daniel Sabia, who will bring his wood-fired cooking expertise for his very first OITF event.