Bohan Ranch
Sunday, June 9 @ 4pm


Host Farmers: George & Nikki Bohan, Bohan Ranch, Timber Cove, CA (Sonoma)

Host Vintners: Kristen & Jamie Kutch, Kutch Wines, Sonoma, CA
Guest Chef: Gonzalo Guzman, Nopalito, San Francisco, CA


Sitting at our table at the Bohan family’s ridgetop vineyard is a once in a lifetime experience – unless you come twice. Join us for a second night high in the sky along Sonoma’s coastal hills, where Michael Bohan planted grape vines so long ago that no one knows the clonal identity of its dry-farmed Pinot Noir. This stunning property has been in the Bohan family since 1857, operating as a dairy ranch until George’s Dad got the crazy idea to plant grapes here in 1972. Grapes are a challenging crop on these steep coastal ridges, but well worth the effort, yielding wines with undiluted Sonoma terroir. After the vineyard tour, we will take a seat and the weather will likely be pleasant and sunny. The vineyard is high enough that the misty marine layer, if it exists, is often down below while the ridges above stand out like warm islands in a sea of fog. We’ll enjoy the inspiring food of Gonzalo Guzman, a San Francisco chef known for vibrant cuisine that celebrates the traditional cookery of Mexico and the rich agricultural scene of Northern California.