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June 17 | Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | Everett Family Farm

Secret Sea Cove
Saturday, June 30 @ 3pm


Host Fisherman: Hans Haveman, H&H Fresh Fish, Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Guest Chef: Kendra Baker, Assembly, Santa Cruz, CA


When it comes to experiential dining, this is a peak experience. When you tell your friends about this dinner, there is a good possibility you’ll talk about something besides the food. Maybe something about your toes in the sand. Or the sound of the waves. Or the excitement of the high tide as it creeps up the beach and under the table. It will also be an experience to hear from fisherman Hans, who waxes poetic on all things piscine. And if you become truly intoxicated by the proximity to the strong and magnificent creatures of the sea, maybe you’ll swim with dolphins, who often appear quite close to shore. Chef Kendra Baker of Assembly will not swim with the dolphins, as she has work to do.