Lake Meadow Naturals
Saturday, January 28th @ 2pm


Host Farmers
Dale Volkert & Robert Kramer, Lake Meadow Naturals, Ocoee, FL
Guest Chef Greg Richie, Soco, Orlando, FL


We have come to Lake Meadow Naturals on every winter tour. That’s five years of Farmer Dale, his classic utilitarian Carhartt overalls and his amazing Lake Meadow Naturals products. In that time, we’ve been joined by several of Orlando’s best chefs. Dale always makes sure we have a guest chef that “walks the walk” -- a chef that really supports local foods. This year in the kitchen, it’s Greg Richie of Soco. Greg is noted for his outstanding Contemporary Southern cooking, a reputation that, of course, can be partially attributed to a history of supporting Dale and his work at Lake Meadow Naturals.