Brooklyn Grange at the Navy Yard
Wednesday, September 18 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Ben Flanner, Anastasia Cole-Plakias & Gwen Schantz, Brooklyn Grange at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY

Guest Chef: Vincent Fraissange, Pheasant, Brooklyn, NY


Our Brooklyn Grange dinners are famous for their sunsets. From the 12th floor rooftop, you’ll get a panoramic view of the horizon as the sun dips behind the New York City skyline, all while dining right where the greens on your plate were growing that morning. On a clear night, you’ll get a glimpse of Lady Liberty. Pheasant is one of the most exciting restaurants in Brooklyn right now: a Mediterranean menu paired with obsessive seasonality, where dishes disappear as soon as something isn’t at its peak. We’re excited to welcome Chef Vincent to the rooftop kitchen for the first time, where he’s bound to find something seasonal to play with.