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September 25 | Silver Spring, PA (Philadelphia) | Culton Organics

Plowshare Farms
Saturday, September 22 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Teddy & Faith Moynihan, Plowshare Farms, Pipersville, PA (Philadelphia)

Guest Chefs: Andrew & Kristin Wood, Russet, Philadelphia, PA


When you hear Faith and Teddy speak passionately about life on the farm, you can’t help but get inspired. Maybe you’ll go home and start thinking about planting seeds and watching things grow in your own backyard! This husband and wife farming team have been growing organic, chemical-free produce and raising grass-fed lamb since 2014. Husband and wife culinary team Andrew and Kristin Wood are the chefs at Russet, located in a restored 1800s townhouse in Philly. This is their first time in the OITF kitchen, but they’re big supporters of the farm, and feature it heavily on their restaurant menu. We look forward to seeing what they do in the field.

* Photo Credit: Emily Hagen