Morro Bay Secret Beach
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 @ 1PM



Host: Neal Maloney, Morro Bay Oyster Company, Morro Bay, CA (San Luis Obispo)
Guest Chef: Clark Staub, Full of Life Flatbread, Los Alamos, CA


You can’t get there from here. But we’ve found a way. It’s not only getting all our dinner guests onto the sand spit, it’s also everything else we have to get there. It all goes on a small barge and then is ceremoniously delivered onto the sand. You never fully realize how many things it takes to put on a farm dinner until you have to move it all by barge, including Chef Clark’s giant oven. The view and the site are more than worth the effort. Oyster farmer Neal Maloney will start us off with his hands-on, feet-in-the-water demonstration. Very fresh oysters will result.