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September 2 | East Greenwich, RI (Providence) | Pat's Pastured


Island Creek Oysters
Thursday, September 6 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Skip Bennett & CJ Husk,
Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA (Boston)
Guest Chef: Jeremy Sewall, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Duxbury, MA | Row 34, Boston, MA & Portsmouth, NH | Les Sablons, Cambridge, MA



At Island Creek Oyster Bar, the chefs have a direct relationship with the fishermen, and just-caught seafood is the star of the show. In the restaurant, Chef Jeremy gets to tell the oyster’s story, from farm to plate. There is a kind of poetry conjured by the taste of a fresh oyster -- the salty air, the sharp cries of wheeling sea birds, the low murmuring of waves lapping against the shore. For this dinner, we’ll be right there in the mix, with the freshest oysters on the planet.

* Photo Credit: Ilana Freddye