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June 17 | Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | Everett Family Farm
July 1 | Santa Cruz, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | Secret Sea Cove

Big Sur Secret Location
Saturday, May 5th @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Suzy & John Moon, Big Sur Meat Company, Big Sur, CA
Guest ChefJim Denevan, Santa Cruz, CA


Gorgeous green hills, splashes of wildflowers, steep canyons cut by swift running streams, groves of towering redwoods. All this and a stunning vantage to view the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Big Sur is something else; a world apart. We are extraordinarily grateful to be invited back for our second visit. Hosts John and Suzy Moon will welcome us to the ranch and give us the down and dirty. In the field kitchen is Outstanding in the Field founder and chef Jim Denevan.

* Photo Credit: Melissa Gayle