Jacobs Farm - Martial Cottle Park
Sunday May 29th @ 4pm


Host Farmers: Greg Rawlings, Jacobs Farm, San Jose, CA

Guest Chef: Jonnatan Leiva


A farm dinner in the fabled Valley of Heart’s Delight. Times have changed. Now it’s called Silicon Valley. Despite the name change, the agricultural heritage of the Santa Clara Valley still survives. Our dinner site is Martial Cottle Park, 180 acres of agricultural land preserved in perpetuity as organic farmland, existing cheek by jowl with valley dwellers whose hearts might delight in seeing where our food comes from. The property has a fascinating history that extends to the present day where we'll set our table between the mature cherry trees. Chef Jonnatan Leiva has returned to the bay area after being named a Chronicle Rising Star Chef, and will open an exciting new restaurant in the coming months. Let’s ask him about it at the table.