Seedling Farm
Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 4PM


Host Farmer: Peter Klein, Seedling Farm, South Haven, MI
Guest Chef: Matthias Merges, Folkart Restaurant Management | Yusho, Billy Sunday and A10, Chicago, IL

Farmer Peter lets us get away with it; the fun, the adventure, the danger, the art. We have done it all at Seeding Farm over the years, and Peter’s not just along for the ride, he’s driving the chariot. The feasting here now includes a tour by Peter and his wife. Accomplished chefs sometimes accomplish the creation of several acclaimed restaurants. Matthias Merges is one of those chefs. Having worked 14 years in the kitchen at Charlie Trotter’s, Matthias started opening his own restaurants, including Yusho, Billy Sunday and A10, each with its own culinary focus and style. Besides all he does, now he’s making dinner for a huge group in a field.