Ploughgate Creamery
Monday, August 21, 2017 @ 3PM


Host Farmer: Marisa Mauro, Ploughgate Creamery, Waitsfeld, VT 
Guest Chef: Eric Warnstedt, Hen of the Wood, Waterbury, VT


*** This is a Beer Dinner. Beers will be paired with each course instead of wines.


Is this what heaven is like? Farmer/angel Marisa has come down from above for the purpose of making good butter. Our favorite chef Eric Warnstedt will utilize the tasty butter and also a vast number of excellent sources of local ingredients. Chef Eric and Tory Miller of Madison’s L’Etoile (and three other restaurants) are in an OITF tie for Number 1 when it comes to bringing the full abundance of locally sourced ingredients to the table. Read the back of the menu; it’s a long read. Our expansive table site at Ploughgate Creamery shows you how many shades of green exist. It’s one of the most beautiful settings we have ever seen. Both field and ancient barn (in case of rain) are superb spots for an Outstanding dinner.