Peeler Farms
Thursday, October 17 @ 3pm


Host Farmers: Marianna & Jason Peeler, Peeler Farms, Floresville, TX (San Antonio)

Guest Chef: John Brand, Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX


The Peeler family has been raising Texas wagyu beef and lamb on their ranch for over a century. Farmers Marianna and Jason see their animals from birth to harvest, leaving them to roam in their green and golden fields for most of their lives. We’re thrilled to set our table in these sprawling Texas pastures for the third time, with another exceptional meal by guest chef John Brand. Peeler Farms is one of John’s favorite area farms to work with, so it’s fitting that they share a night on the ranch. The restaurant at Hotel Emma is among the hottest spots in San Antonio’s Pearl neighborhood, featuring food that’s both culinarily progressive and rooted in the history of South Texas.